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  • Opening Markets for Trade in Services: Countries and Sectors in Bilateral and WTO Negotiations

    Cambridge University Press Opening Markets for Trade in Services: Countries and Sectors in Bilateral and WTO Negotiations

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    Trade in services is an increasingly important part of global trade and, as such, figures prominently in multilateral, regional and bilateral trade negotiations. In this volume of essays, academics, negotiators and experts from various international organizations explore the achievements of such negotiations, together with the challenges and opportunities which arise and the motivations that come into play in such negotiations. The contributions highlight issues in important services sectors, such as distribution, energy, finance, telecommunications, air transport and the postal and audiovisual sectors, as well as areas such as cross-border trade and government procurement. Case studies look into the experiences of specific countries. The focus on sector analysis and country experiences sheds light on the state of services liberalization and the regulation of international trade in services at the beginning of the twenty-first century, making this an indispensable guide to ongoing and future international negotiations on this topic.

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  • Xenotransplantation and Risk: Regulating a Developing Biotechnology

    Cambridge University Press Xenotransplantation and Risk: Regulating a Developing Biotechnology

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    Some developing biotechnologies challenge accepted legal and ethical norms because of the risks they pose. Xenotransplantation (cross-species transplantation) may prolong life but may also harm the xeno-recipient and the public due to its potential to transmit infectious diseases. These trans-boundary diseases emphasise the global nature of advances in health care and highlight the difficulties of identifying, monitoring and regulating such risks and thereby protecting individual and public health. Xenotransplantation raises questions about how uncertainty and risk are understood and accepted, and exposes tensions between private benefit and public health. Where public health is at risk, a precautionary approach informed by the harm principle supports prioritising the latter, but the issues raised by genetically engineered solid organ xenotransplants have not, as yet, been sufficiently discussed. This must occur prior to their clinical introduction because of the necessary changes to accepted norms which are needed to appropriately safeguard individual and public health.

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  • Principles of European Law: Benevolent Intervention in Another's Affairs

    Oxford University Press Principles of European Law: Benevolent Intervention in Another's Affairs

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    The Study Group on a European Civil Code has taken upon itself the task of drafting common European principles for the most important aspects of the law of obligations and for certain parts of the law of property in movables which are especially relevant for the functioning of the common market. Like the Commission on European Contract Law's Principles of European Contract Law, the results of the research conducted by the Study Group on a European Civil Code seek to advance the process of Europeanisation of private law. Among other topics the series tackles sales and service contracts, distribution contracts and security rights, renting contracts and loan agreements, negotiorum gestio, delicts and unjustified enrichment law, transfer of property, and trust law. The principles furnish each of the national jurisdictions a grid reference. They can be agreed upon by the parties within the framework of the rules of private international law. They may provide a stimulus to both the national and European legislator for moulding private law. Beyond this, they aim to further discussion about the creation of a European Civil Code, or a Common Frame of Reference in the area of patrimonial law, by submitting a concrete model. The Principles of European Law are published in co-operation with Bruylant (Belgium), Sellier. European Law Publishers (Germany), Staempfli Publishers Ltd. (Switzerland).

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  • Mine!: From Personal Space to Big Data, How Ownership Shapes Our Lives

    Atlantic Books Mine!: From Personal Space to Big Data, How Ownership Shapes Our Lives

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    'A delicious book.' Jared DiamondWho controls the space around an aeroplane seat: you or the person behind you trying to work on their laptop? Who owns your favourite football player? And why do Facebook and Google want your private data?In Mine! Michael Heller and James Salzman reveal the hidden economic and social rules that guide everyday life, demonstrating that much of what we assume about ownership is wrong. Whether a lost wallet, a playground swing or a London flat, Mine! explores what ownership means and why it governs everything we do.

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  • The Mandela Brief: Sydney Kentridge and the Trials of Apartheid

    John Murray Press The Mandela Brief: Sydney Kentridge and the Trials of Apartheid

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    'A forensic, riveting account of a wondrous and principled advocate' Philippe Sands'Well-written, deeply researched and wholly gripping' The Spectator'Meticulously researched' The Times'Kentridge is one of many lawyers to whom I will forever be in debt, and whose everyday fights against injustice should inspire us all' David LammySydney Kentridge carved out a reputation as South Africa's most prominent anti-apartheid advocate - his story is entwined with the country's emergence from racial injustice and oppression. He is the only advocate to have acted for three winners of the Nobel Peace Prize - Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Chief Albert Lutuli. Already world-famous for his landmark cases including the Treason Trial of Nelson Mandela and the other leading members of the ANC, the inquiry into the Sharpeville massacre, and the inquest into the death of Steve Biko, he then became England's premier advocate.Through the great set-pieces of the legal struggle against apartheid - cases which made the headlines not just in South Africa, but across the world - this biography is a portrait of enduring moral stature.

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  • Dark Sacred Night: A Ballard and Bosch Thriller

    Orion Publishing Co Dark Sacred Night: A Ballard and Bosch Thriller

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    A MURDER HE CAN'T FORGET.A CASE ONLY SHE CAN SOLVE.'OUTSTANDING' IAN RANKINAmazon Best 100 Books of The YearBarnes & Noble Best Books of The YearTop Ten Best Thrillers of the Year - Washington Post* * * * *Daisy Clayton's killer was never caught. In over ten years, there has been no breakthrough in her murder case.Detective Renée Ballard has faced everything the LAPD's notorious dusk-till-dawn graveyard shift has thrown at her. But, until tonight, she'd never met Harry Bosch - an ex-homicide detective consumed by this case.Soon, she too will become obsessed by the murder of Daisy Clayton.Because Ballard and Bosch both know: every murder tells a story. And Daisy's case file reads like the first chapter in an untold tragedy that is still being written - one that could end with Ballard herself, if she cannot bring the truth to light...* * * * *CRIME DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN CONNELLY.'One of the world's greatest crime writers' Daily Mail'Crime thriller writing of the highest order' Guardian'A terrific writer with pace, style and humanity to spare' The Times'America's greatest living crime writer' Daily Express'The pre-eminent detective novelist of his generation' Ian Rankin'A master' Stephen King'A genius' Independent on Sunday'A superb natural storyteller' Lee Child'One of the great storytellers of crime fiction' Sunday Telegraph'Justly regarded as one of the world's finest crime writers' Mail On Sunday'No one writes a better modern thriller than Connelly' Evening Standard

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